Thursday, 10 February 2011

Back to the drawing board!

Well, that was going so well...I spent hours last night, sending links to peeps and generally getting myself organised. I did know that anyone determined to find me and with a bit of knowledge of blogging, could track me down if they really tried, but as my unwanted pests have no blogging knowledge I felt pretty sure they wouldn't find me.....
I got up this morning to find that some kind soul had posted a comment over at amanda makes, pointing out this loophole and then telling them exactly how to find me!!!! I deleted the comment but it was too late. They'd already done it!!!! GGGgggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!
So this isn't going to work either. Girls I just am so frustrated now that I'm going to take a couple of days breather and then I will address the situation again. Don't worry, I'm not giving up that easily, just need to calm down a bit! 
By the way that isn't my baby up there!!!! Just a face that sums up how I feel right now!
Loads of love, Amanda xxxx


  1. Oh hunny things will sort themselves out ((hugs))xx

  2. you know sweetie, i just encourage you to keep on posting where ever you want to! if your "visitors" continue to come around, that is a-ok. you have the love of a bunch of bloggy friends surrounding you--we all think you are great!

    i think it is super tacky that people can be so hurtful and still insist on being a part of your life. they should leave you alone to live your life as you have chosen to--even if it's not the way they think you should choose!

    don't hide amanda! show your face proudly to the world. you are lovely and amazing and kind. i wish i could be your friend in real life!